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Posted by Susan Russell on January 23, 2013 at 8:25 PM

So the pups have slept two night in crates - divided into three different crates and I am happy to say only one minor accident thus far.  Hardly any crying, and they LOVE to sleep in the crates even inthe daytime when the door is open.  They've had one crate in the pen for a couple of weeks now, but they seem to have really discovered the crates now that there are three.  Funny thing is that I got a photo of nearly all the pups crammed into one crate yesterday, sound asleep, and the crate next to that one was empty and the third crate had only a couple puppies in it!  Funny!  I took photos, they are in the six week album. 

I have been handling the pups daily, and trimming nails, and playing with them a bunch, but I really got to work training them this week.  Fun teaching, to see how they learn, how they handle being handled, whether they can take minor repitition, and that sort of thing.  The pups are doing really well, and are taking to the training really well - it is all fun stuff, with some gentle compulsion thrown in to see if they are okay with that.  They LOVE it, and it is pretty funny to watch them all line up and watch as each one gets to come out and work.  IT keeps them much more content using their little brains, and having a few hour long walkabouts four times a day.  They SLEEP afterwards and give me a chance to catch up - just in time to do it all over again!  I admit it, I am getting tired!  I love them though, and am having a good time.

Had Raisin to the veterinarian's the other day for a geriatric panel and thyroid OFA and all came back normal at a few months past 11 years old!

Have begun working on retrieving with the older dogs to try to get some Master Hunters done - time to get back out there.  Training is going really well and I look forward to getting back out to the trials and tests once the litter is away to their new homes.

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