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End of an Era - looking to the future

Posted by Susan Russell on November 10, 2014 at 6:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Well, it has been a month since the incomparable Raisin passed after one wonderful last, successful grouse hunt.   I still can't quite come to grips with it.  She taught me so much about dogs, field trialing, showing and breeding.  I owe her a lot.  I miss her dearly. 

On to the future...and Raisin's legacy - in two very different litters being produced this fall.  I am co-breeding litters that will be born elsewhere.  Look at the litter page for specifics.   The first litter, already on the ground in Idaho is a dual type litter that should have some fabulous looking and able hunters in it.  A person hoping to show and hunt would find a good potential companion in this litter.   The second litter due next week, is going to be a high powered field trial/hunting litter and will be in Kansas.  These pups will be smaller, more sparsely coated, high styled Irish.  Two litters, very different in appearance, but both having the sweet temperament and ability that a true Irish Setter should have.   Something for everyone this winter from Russell Irish Setters.

We are also hoping to get back to field trialing this spring after nearly a year off due to health problems and life changes.  Jack still needs to work on his dual and after her litter Sister should be ready for broke stakes.  Her brother John now lives in California with my good friends, and his broke career is beginning as well. 

Thanks also to Mark in California, and Lisa in Arizona for sending their littermates from the Tate X Hope litter to the NFT futurity.  Lisa's Viva placed fourth in her first horseback trial!  Opie didn't place but probably was hampered by unfamilliar handlers, as Mark has already placed him in broke stakes, which qualifies him for both the ISCA's Gun Dog National and the National Field Trial Championships.   Hats off to both of you for doing so much with your dogs.  Viva also got some wins at obedience and rally this past weekend so she is showing her versatility and biddability.  Lisa will likely breed her this coming year so watch for news of that here. 

Moose (Musashi) and Journey Bred, and Jack continues to win.

Posted by Susan Russell on May 12, 2013 at 11:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Moose and Journey should be expecting their litter at the end of June or beginning of July after a fresh chilled semen breeding was performed last Sunday.  My thanks go to Bill and Sandy, as well as Trevor and Carrie for getting both dogs to their respective clinics Ohlney-Sandy Springs in Maryland where the collection took place, and Elizabeth Street Pet Hospital in Okotoks Alberta, where the transcervical AI took place.   Everything went really well, and now we just wait to see whether it was successful.  We will run a relaxin test on Journey to determine if she is pregnant, in a couple of more weeks, and at that point I will begin taking deposits. 

Can Ch Russell's Jack of all Trades continues to do well with Lindsey Wendell at AKC shows picking up another single yesterday.  I cannot wait for him to be done, and to get back home so we can hit the trials again. 

Russell's Make Mine Meg has gone down to Kelli Aitken in Kansas to be shown, and hopefully Kelli will get to run her in some field events in the fall as Meg is beginning to show broke on her birds.   This young dog is proving to be very easy to train.

Hope's retrieve training is coming along well, and with any luck we will be able to hit the AKC Hunt test/CKC Field Dog tests this summer. 

Congratulations to the Czarnecki's and Bright Star Setters, and Trena Cardwell - Chukarhill Kennel, for finishing the Senior Hunter title on Am Can Int'l Mex Ch StarBright Marvel Bright Star SH - Journey Senior is the sire of my  "J" litter including Jack, Joey, Journey, and Jammer. 

A New Year

Posted by Susan Russell on January 5, 2013 at 6:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Oh the pups are sooo much fun now!   They are eating like little horses, running, starting to look like little dogs!   They look really nice, and they are super easy to teach things to, and definitely coordinated for their age.  They come to a whistle: all 14 of them, in various imitations of straight line running...but they all come and they all are friendly and happy.  It is fun to watch who is the first to explore new areas of the basement, and how they react to new sounds and such.  For the most part they freeze and then run towards any new noises.  I think they'll all be great chefs since the food network is playing nearly constantly downstairs.   I put pine pellets in one end of the 12 foot long pen, and they seldom make a mistake anywhere else.  I wish it were warmer so that I could work on housetraining, but litter box training is going to have to suffice. 

The other dogs are really interested in the pups now, and are not quite sure why they are not allowed to play with them.  The dogs nose the pups gently when allowed, and the pups are curious about everybody.  The big dogs are getting the short end of the stick these days between the puppy work and my 'flu, but thankfully they are super nice sweet dogs and are pretty easy going.  :)

Christmas Holidays

Posted by Susan Russell on December 28, 2012 at 6:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Christmas Holidays are nearing a close, and I am anxious to get back to the litter!  Ryan has been caring for them and has sent two pics of the pups, but it is not the same as being there, for sure!    Today I went for a short hike with family and took some pics of Raisin in the bright green forest.  Darned iphone doesn't really do the colours justice, but you'll get the drift.   Raisin had a super run and is now curled in front of the fire.   She ran like a young pup today, but might just regret it tomorrow!  I can relate.  This darned cold really kicked me hard, I am looking forward to staying at home for a bit.  

11 days on

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The pups are doing really well, Hope is a great Mom.   She is feeding them all herself and they are gaining weight and she is keeping weight on.  Mind you, she is eating eight cups of food a day - nearly three times her usual.   The eyes are opening at the corners, and the pups are all yawning incessantly - a sure sign that the ears are opening too.   They enunciate their little barks - BOW WOW!  It is a fun age.   They are also starting to really walk around the box.  

I spent some time at the coast this past week and had an opportunity to go for a day hunt with Terry Salandini.   We saw only one pheasant, but lots of short eared owls.  Opie had a great time too.  He had spent a night with a couple who thought about buying him rather than a pup, but they said he was hard to walk because all he wanted to do was point birds.  Opie trailed Goose (Karen S's Irish) for awhile, until we got into a couple of hot spots, at which point Opie became quite independent and really showed some nice moves.   Now Opie wants to go live with Salandini's because Terry took Opie hunting!  And Opie loves Kate Salandini too as witnessed by the photographs in the album.   Opie is a sweet boy and he looks like he has loads of talent.

Granny Raisin, and Pat the old pointer of Salandini's had a good time hunting, though each were pretty content to let the young dogs Goose and Opie crash the brush.  Raisin was happy to honour Goose hopefully each time he pointed.   There is a photo of Raisin sound asleep later that night - was quite a day for the old'uns - and Pat curled up in front of the fire soon after we got back to the house.  The humans imbibed in some warming refreshments and a nice meal. 

Check back soon, I will try to keep updating the pups' progress every few days.  Photos will be more fun once they are past red slug stage.  


Posted by Susan Russell on November 27, 2011 at 12:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Hope delivered 11 pups in just over 4 hours yesterday afternoon!  She is an excellent mother and the pups are all great looking, calm and quiet.  Check out the litter page for more information and photos.

Kamloops BC trial and me

Posted by Susan Russell on May 24, 2011 at 11:20 AM Comments comments (0)

This coming weekend the BCABPC will host the Canadian Chukar championships near Kamloops BC.  This will be John's first trial and Meg's last as a pup.  Jack and Hope will run in the broke stakes despite having had absolutely no work lately.  I've been feeling poorly and a short hospitalization has thrown a monkey wrench in my tune-up schedule.  Well, that and the bobcat that ate all but 3 of my pigeons!    Other Russell dogs running at this trial will be CArrie's Rumour (Dam of the 13 pups from november) andTwist - aptly named 'Russell's Natural Disaste after breaking her leg as an 8 week old pup.  Twist is coming along well for Carrie.  Finger's crossed that I will convince the docs to get me out of here today! 

More New photos added

Posted by Susan Russell on May 1, 2011 at 5:30 PM Comments comments (0)

I have added more photographs to the album and also to the More Russell Dogs page.  Those of you who have sent photos over the years that I have not put on the site I apologise - please do send some now and I will endevour to be better about adding them in a timely fashion.  This site is relatively easy to work with even for one like myself who is very non-literate on the computer.

Good news on Twister who is loved by Carrie and Trevor Michael: the fracture that she suffered at my house when she was just 9 weeks old has now healed and she can run on it with no problems.  She seems to  be growing properly and other than possibly needing the k-wires removed if they bother her, it would appear that she is ready to take to the fields  I cannot thank Pam Legault enough for rushing Twister the 2.5 hrs to my vet, Dr Taylor and staff for their excellent repair of the fracture, the Salandini family for keeping Twist in the days following the surgery, and Carrie and Trevor for loving Twist and giving her excellent rehabilitation.  This was and continues to be a very trying time for me personally and wihout excellent friends like this I am not sure how I would have coped.  Thank you all.

On this note I must thank Jean Webb and Cassie Allen for taking care of and training Mary for the past few months, and Trena Cardwell and RJ Marquart for taking care of and training Jack and Hope at different times over the past year.  Your kindness and professionalism will not be forgotten.

I am getting rave reviews about the pups from both of the 2010 litters which were out of litter sisters to very different males.  The Griffin Birdy litter of 4 are all very nice girls with fun temperaments and the three that are running in the field are really showing some nice work.  These three are also being shown and are looking good.  The Tate X Rumour litter of 13 gets rave reviews from the owners who are impressed with the lovely temperaments and excellent ability on birds.   Structurally these pups are very nice and they have a bunch of speed!   It is really interesting to see the differences and the similarities between these two litters. 

The 2011 litter promises to be a fabulous one as well - the Sire is a half brother to the two girls I bred last year and the Dam's pedigree is related to the sire of the girls bred last year.  The Norwegian bloodlines added to the mix should bring another element of talent and intelligence as well.  The litter in Ohio that Cassie Allen at Mythodical Irish Setters had 2 years ago has a very similar pedigree (with the exception of the Norwegian part) and that litter has multiple Majors in the show ring and also field trial placements and points.  This makes me exceptionally excited about my upcoming litter.

News from Germany is that Russell's Kismet continues to do very well at shows and trials and that his get are beginning to perform well at trials as they break on to the scene.  I really hope to get Paddy's hips done soon, and to evaluate him out hunitng this fall and hope to use him in my program next year.  This worldwide combining of bloodlines seems to be bringing some really good things to our breed!